Courageous night, Coward morning

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Dreams mix with what it is in front of your face. I want to get there when I am already there, and I doubt if it is worth it enough. Eternity against the present. Anna was looking out the window of the room. A dusty glass encased in an aged wooden frame that emphasized the nobility of the space.

How long since I had felt that way? — Anna thought. She didn’t know, probably for several years. The mixture of passion and intensity pushed her into things that had never considered so far. Maybe she was losing his mind and she knew it. Maybe she was a jerk paying too much attention to her emotions. Never had reason and heart ever so strongly in disagreement, surely this was her internal battle. But how intense! Enough to be unable to block her most primitive instinctive reactions and to allow herself to be drawn into eternity with him. Not only does she get carried away, but she also wants to be carried away. She wants to feel mine forever, she wants me inside her, leading her to the unknown. She is ready to give up her future, the foreseeable tomorrow in which she had always thought. Happiness transformed into volatile pleasure, perishable but hoping that a next moment will come back soon.

I really enjoy being with you, I love you — Anna confessed, trying to convey to me rigorously what her body had shown in that room.

I also love you — I said, in a little convinced voice and approaching to kiss her, so that she would not look at me.

It is not only words, I am really in love — Anna did not decline my gesture, but shortened her kiss, insisting to keep the attitude and intensity the moment deserved.

I believe you Anna, but we are together since very recently, we still have a lot to know about each other — I softly whispered, trying to avoid the uncomfortable gaze of Anna. I was trying to gradually reduce the intensity of the moment, just as the folds on the sheets were losing the moisture we had left over the last few hours.

I want to come with you! — Anna answered in a huffed voice. I want to know where you live, your friends, your parents…

No! I responded instinctively — imagining an impossible situation. I sat up in bed and lost my sight through the window. I noticed the dirt on the glass, which was visible by the rays of sunlight that penetrated the interior of the room. These glasses are as dirty as my own conscience — I told myself.

The future is that secret difficult to share. Sometimes it cannot be understood by those who dare you most. Non-truth turns the prize into discomfort.

Thinking about change and how it impacts to our emotional stability

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Jordi Viñas

Jordi Viñas

Thinking about change and how it impacts to our emotional stability

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